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Along the Path - Level 1

Along the Path

Along the Path is a multi level practical system which is designed and developed by Csaba Toke to support his clients in the self-healing journey. The techniques are beneficial to anyone who would like to improve him or herself and achieve self-mastery in life. The practice is a modern way of understanding ancient techniques by aligning them to the challenges of the 21st century. ATP is deeply connected to traditional and ancient Chinese medicine, Shamanic practices, Ayurveda, Ancient Egyptian, Tibetan and Christian traditions, but still remains non -religious. It provides a shared understanding amongst different traditions and a tool-set with several levels. Each level provides practitioners with the essential theory and practical exercises to achieve balance and deeper understanding in daily life.

The ATP acknowledges that we human beings are a multidimensional living organism, more than just the physical body. Currently the system consists of 3 foundation courses and multiple practical courses exploring different aspects of life (Addictions, family etc). Each course is dependent on each other. The practice covers physical, energetic, emotional mental, universal and spiritual realms. It prepares the practitioner to understand actions and situations of life from holistic point of view, utilizing its inner wisdom. 

The system aims to provide tools for the practitioner for living a better and happier life and being supported Along the Path!

The system is non-political and independent from religious movements, which means it can be practiced with any political and religious background. Practical, as it is fully experience and self-achievement based. It values knowing instead of knowledge. What you experience is yours. The main track is self-development, but later all the skills can be used to help, heal and support others in their spiritual development.

You will learn how be in balance through:

●Gentle movement exercises that you can practice anywhere anytime

●Understanding human physiology and anatomy 

●Improving the energy system of your body through specific exercises (Chinese, Indian, Tibetan) 

●Work with ego, superego, Higher Self to have a balanced life

●Work with sounds, symbols, crystals, plants, places, planets, essences to discover who you are

●Specific energy points and systems of the body 

●Identifying and eliminating your Belief systems

●Releasing your emotions – work on and release your attachments

●Working with your soul by connecting to the source of the Universe

●Releasing emotional bonds and heritages from 7 generations of your family

The practice of ATP as a system aims to provide tools for the practitioner for living a higher conscious daily life. The techniques and exercises aim to improve the practitioner’s life quality. ATP as a system does not replace but complement the necessary care the practitioner needs in case of serious disease and mental problems. 

Introduction to the Along the Path - Course 1

The aim of course 1 is to introduce the practitioner the main concepts of the system and learn how to work with higher self and eliminate ego blockages on conscious and subconscious levels. We also learn to use some tools that we keep using in the advanced courses. The course is a heavy workload and requires preparation from the practitioner. 

On the course we learn  

·to prepare our body for energy work though gentle movement exercises from Japan, China

·to work with pain and the origin of pain in the body

·to increase our energy level and silence our mind

·to develop our energy sensitivity

·to purify and strengthen our own energy structures with Chinese and Tibetan origin movement and mental exercises

·to identify and remove our limiting believes that are blocking our happiness

·to dissolve our mental and spiritual blockages on intention level

·to preparation for later courses, defining success criteria for the future

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