Along the Path© 

 A practical system for self improvement and self healing. Learn to live a higher conscious life and develop your wisdom along the path of life.

Welcome to ATP

Csaba Toke

The Founder of Along the Path©

Csaba is the creator of the Along the Path© system. As a complementary medicine practitioner, he initially designed ATP for his clients, to make sure they have tools to work on themselves. Csaba has background in Qigong systems, Yoga, Spiritual methods, Auricular Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Addictology, Health Coaching just to name a few of modalities. 

Self improvement workshops

The Along the Path© program is designed as a multi-level system that progressively introduces individuals to the journey of holistic self-exploration. In addition to the core workshops, there are specialised courses available that specifically concentrate on crucial areas of life.

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Weekly practice and Retreats

Taking a course alone does not ensure a lasting transformation unless consistent practice is maintained. We offer online practice sessions on a weekly basis, accommodating different languages and time zones. Additionally, we organize weekend workshops and retreats regularly, which serve to broaden your horizons and push your limits.

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Group healing sessions

In these sessions, participants individually work on their similar experiences, emotions, and struggles within a safe and nurturing environment. Using ATP techniques  and being supported by the instructor the group healing offers a sense of community and belonging, fostering a shared journey towards healing and personal growth. Through the power of collective energy and support, group healing can facilitate profound healing and transformation on both individual and collective levels.

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Explore and use the energy concept of TCM, Ayurveda and Kaballah in daily life as part of the practice.


Learn and understand your physiology, anatomy and how you can take responsibility for yourself.


Practice ancient well established movement exercises from different ancient traditions to achieve balance on physical and energetic level.


 Increase your energy level and your frequencies.  Learn how to achieve different state of mind to kick off the self-healing and regeneration.


Explore different religious traditions to understand multiple ways for the same goal .


Learn how to work with plants and animals, living creatures who evolve with us.


 Learn how to work with plants and animals, living creatures who evolve with us.



Planets, places gem stones and crystals are unique source of information and are here to help us.

The 4 core courses of ATP


The first step on the journey is the most important. Get a sense of the practice and learn the first set of techniques to get more rooted and stable.


Learn to use your intuition as an inner compass to navigate in daily life and to improve your holistic understanding of all aspects of your life . Get new skills and techniques to increase to let things go and to truly forgive.


Improve your senses and aim for a mental and spiritual balance. Develop a strong and stable mind and experience the power of silence.


You are part of the Universe, you are the Universe. Learn how to utilize this .

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Keys features of ATP

Open to any religions

The practice complements any religious practice. Practitioners can can practice parallel with their religious views.


Personal experience is more important than theory

Self Paced

Success is measured by each individual in the change they live. Self development is unique to each practitioner.


Practice serves the practitioner. There are no obligations and dependencies amongst each other or with the teacher.


ATP aims to complement anything in daily life. Practitioners do not need to stop doing anything they do today due to the practice.


The system evolves with the practitioners.  Always get what you need.


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